Oil tank failure

A problem with a kerosene tank led to a leak, which managed to get through the outer skin of the garage. This was a fairly involved job consisting or digging out the contaminated ground, removing and replacing effected brickwork and reinstating the paving, staircase and concrete pad

Kerosene leak

Access to this job was minimal, mini digger and dumper had to be brought through a neighbours property and the most efficient way to get materials in and out was via two conveyors, through a small gap between the two properties. There was over 100t of material moved on this job which also included a new concrete pad for the oil tank, a new planter and replacement fence.

Footings inside a garage

This project involved digging down to the original footings, for an internal brickwork skin for a double storey  extension and two new piers in the front portion of the garage. The depth of the dig was 1.2 metres with the micro digger being the ideal tool for the job.

Dig out and reinstatement

This project was for the dig out of a kerosene leak and reinstatement of paving and fish pond. This was a tight access with just enough space to fit the machines down the side of the property.  


Foundations for a garage extension. This was a deep dig requiring a 2.7t zero tail swing digger, which was still very tight for the space that was available. The concrete was pumped on this job making light work of transporting the concrete from the wagon to the trench.

Heating oil leak

There was 73t of material dug out for this job, and 73t of clean aggregate brought back in. Existing water pipe and electric cable added a bit of awkwardness, but project carried on smoothly with no issues.

Tidying up a site

A small job for mini digger with landscape rake attachment. Scope of the project was to neaten up the site, while keeping costs to a minimum. The landscaping rake comes into its own here with the ability to take bushes and greenery and debris, with out the need to dig off a lot of material. Plus renewing of the original gates and fence to improve security of the site.

Groundworks for washplant

This project required a lot of earth moving, thousands of tons of material had to be moved, o make way for the new washplant. New subbase was prepared ready for concrete with ducting set out and positioned to accommodate the electric feeds and water supply pipes

Foundations and soakaway

Concrete was broke out prior to arriving, project involved digging out for an extension to the rear of the property and adding a new soakaway. 

Underpinning, footings and service trenches

We carried out all of the machine work on this building site, comprising of digging the holes for underpinning  three properties, digging out for extensions for two of them and a garage, service trenches for new gas supplies to five houses.