Mini Digger and Driver Hire

We offer our excavators on a day rate for domestic and business to business customers.

Our machine of choice is the Doosan DX10Z which is a very versatile excavator with an actually width of 710mm this will easily fit through a 750mm wide opening. The digger will fit through a standard sized house door or garden gate. 

It comes equipped with a semi quick hitch for fast bucket changes and a selection of four buckets, a 300mm, 450mm and 600mm wide digging buckets and a 900mm wide grading bucket.

Attachments are available for an additional charge:

Auger for digging post holes or trial holes

Landscape rake for clearing over grown areas or taking away debris without the need to dig off alot of ground

machine mounted hydraulic breaker.

Micro Digger Advantages

What makes a micro mini digger so appealing?

The biggest advantage is the ability to fit where other machines will not, the Doosan DX10Z can narrow its track width down to 710 mm wide enabling it to fit through small openings, then once the machine is through the undercarriage expands back out to 1100 mm wide. The extended undercarriage gives it class leading stability and lifting capacity.

Being a true zero tail swing machine, allows the mini digger to get into positions where conventional older machines cant, meaning the ability to be tight against a wall or other structure without any worries of a counterweight damaging anything.

With a standard dig depth of 1.8 metre there is not many situations where this size machine can not dig a deep enough footing, in extreme circumstances where a micro mini digger is the only machine that will fit, it is possible to reach 2.4 metre or deeper with the quick hitch fitted and lowering ground levels to suit.

For larger jobs we can provide bigger machines to suit your project needs