Tracked Skip Loader Hire

Along with a mini digger we can supply a tracked high tip skip loader, which makes the perfect combination. Customers are always surprised by the amount of material that needs to be moved once excavation work commences and these dumpers are a fantastic way to save money on additional labour, 1 person can do the work of 4 or more.

Our JCB HTD5 tracked dumper is 690 mm wide allowing it to also easily pass through a standard doorway or side gate to a garden. With a 500 kg payload and a tipping height of 1.45 metres it will make light work of moving the spoil material while having the ability to discharge the material over the side of an eight yard skip.

With two speed tracking and simple controls, the tracked skip loader is very easy to operate and being able to hold around 6 wheelbarrow loads at a time it can be upto 20 times as effective, plus has the advantage of handling rough terrain with ease without complaining of being tired.